Saturday, October 3, 2009

How to bring in some business....

We made a poor decision on our part. We booked my wife's tattoo appointment for Sunday the 4th, right when rent is due. So we are a bit strapped for cash to make rent without having to have Rianne reschedule. Rescheduling is not only rude to the artist, and disappointing to my wife, but probably forfeits the $100 deposit as well. So that is not an option!

We need piercing business today and what better way to get it than to exploit Atlanta, my piercing apprentice!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The revolution spreads!!!!

First off congrats to my wifey, Rianne. When she wanted to pick up more days tattooing she got a job at the FIRST shop she applied! That's rather unheard of in the tattoo industry unless you have many years of experience and reputation to back you up. Not only did she get herself in, she got me what seems like a BANGING ass deal for piercing. A low monthly rent, to run my piercing business out of in a town where my biggest competition is an old dude who can hardly pierce who works only 3 days a week! For fucks sake, I think we may make more money here than at Comes A Time, AND we will continue doing business at Comes A Time. Doubling my income would be goddamn swell. I have worked too hard to be driving a 12 year old Camry, I deserve something fun and horribly irresponsible. I swear my next car doesn't need doors or a roof, that shit's for weaklings.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Fresh start for the 'ol blog....

Sometime later tonight my website goes live and tomorrow I turn 32. It seems like a good time for a fresh start, so I wiped out all my old blog entries and am starting over to coincide with my my site, that links back here.

Right now I am making some last minute fixes on the website and adding pics to the gallery and piercing portfolio parts. We will probably redirect the home page to the actual home page shortly, but we will not announce it until later. Be sure to grab one of the WORLD DOMINATING banners off the links page and post it on your myspace or other personal sites.

A few days ago, Comedian Justin Kincaid joined the revolution and got himself a RAD ASS "What Would Sean Do?" graffiti piece courtesy of my sexy, talented wifey, Rianne. The revolution may slow at times, maybe even pause, but it will NEVER STOP!

So I challenge you, loyal readers, some time this week ask yourself "What Would Sean Do?" and act accordingly.